Day 1 to getting better

Welcome to 2016! My goal for this entire year is to constantly evolve into the very best version of Me. I want to showcase all facets of my life that make what I do with music so valuable on a […]


2016. Good to Great

    1.1.2016 Today is Friday… It also happens to be the first day of 2016 But if it wasn’t, it would just be another Friday. Everyone is making these changes and striving to be better, but I want to […]


Looking back

2015 was a blessed one. Got my first 2 placements, coproduced a commercial for ford, had one of my songs air on HBO, traveled more in a year more than I had my entire life all for music. Developed and […]


Simple, straight, and to the point. I got my hands on a new Rack Extension made by the great guys at “Propellerhead” called “POLAR”. Incredible sound manipulation capabilities, which is awesome for creatives. In the video I showcase how I […]