So far, 2016 has been incredible. Ive had this whole new level of motivation to continue to improve and be better a little more each day. With the success of #SallieMaeBack Ive learned some really valuable lessons. Focus on the things that matter, if you build it right the people will come, and don’t let anyone or anything STOP you from going where you intend do.
You can’t stop purpose

With that being said…. #CantStop




Soundtrack to your life


“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.”

Im learning… and one vital lesson that I have learned, especially in the last few weeks, is that when you focus on the things that matter, the things that don’t become irrelevant. When I start creating, I get this really weird “hyper-focus”on the task at hand. The ups and downs of the music industry and life in general go away and all that matters is that I have a blank canvas to paint my “audible art”

Be great, create, and be the change you want to see in people. Have a great Monday.



Capturing Inspiration “Creative Space”



One of the coolest things about my field of work is always being around people who genuinely make you want to be better. My guy M.simp (@Mdotsimp) is the CEO of one the most innovative drum/Sound design companies around. MSXAUDIO has become my go to when it comes to picking up drums and add that extra flair to my production. Every time we talk, he somehow finds a chord to strike that prompts me to be a better producer, but also better all around genuinely. That transcends in his brand, in his music and in him as a person. Check him out using one of the kits from their signature “Sammich” series; then do yourself a favor and step your drum game up by going HERE

Justen Williams X Dee-1 “#Sallie Mae Back”



With Dee-1​ & #SallieMaeBack Getting so much attention so quickly, I wanted to show the creative process that went into making the beat. Let me know what You think…. Share it, show ya mama and everybody else… FYI This video has collected almost 10 million plays from all outlets!)
We turning up for financial Responsibility!


ALL music Produced in Reason 8

Dee-1 “#SallieMaeBack” Produced By Justen Williams


Who ever thought we would turn up for financial Responsibility?!


I remember the day Dee and I made this record. I went over to the studio that he was working out of to play him some beats and brainstorm on how we were gonna let the world know what we were capable of. I played him this beat and HE FLIPPED OUT. He started rapping the exact hook you hear on the song, and the arrangement I had just meshed exactly the way that it should have. CRAZY.


Check it out and share.



Stellar Award Nomination

stellar nomWho woulda thought?! All the beats that I made for Dee-1’s Debut Album “3’s up” were all made at my parents house. I would like to believe in the back of my head I knew one day all these beats I make would find a home…. But lets be honest… the majority of the beats that I make will probably never be heard by the masses(But just in case the opportunity arises, Just know Im strapped like Rambo with these beats!) Anyway, 2 of those beats I made at my parents house Got me my first Stellar award Nomination!


Im wearing a velvet suit to the awards show(I am totally lying)



Justen Williams “Mile In My Shoes”


As I have grown in my craft, I truly believe that music is an expression of ones self. Over the last few years, I have really been able to discover that part of me. As a producer and a person, I always try my hardest to be genuine and innovative in all that I do. Check out the music, like, subscribe, and share,

All music produced mixed in Reason 8



Justen Williams X CME Xkey37 (Clap Your Hands)

Happy New Year! I don’t know about anyone else, but I am extremely excited about hitting the ground running in 2016. I plan on doing a lot of moving around, and traveling. With that being said, I wanted to use this video to show my new traveling companion. The CME Xkey37. A super lightweight midi controller that is perfect for the traveling musician(and or producer.) Although I plan on traveling, I will always pay homage to my hometown…. I used a sample from the Meters,and added the world famous New Orleans Bounce as a breakdown. Check out the workflow and how much control you have over the sounds in your music. Like, Share, comment, and Subscribe. Thanks a million for your support.

For me info on CME and the products that they offer Check them out here

Day 1 to getting better

Welcome to 2016! My goal for this entire year is to constantly evolve into the very best version of Me. I want to showcase all facets of my life that make what I do with music so valuable on a personal level. I had a conversation last night with a good friend of mine about surrounding yourself with good people who provide good energy. All of those things seep into creativity. With that being said, thats why I strive so hard to be conscious of what I am allowing in my mind and in my spirit. I keep God at the center of what i do, and fully rely on discernment to keep things and people that need not be in my area. Because of that, my creativity has spiked already and I couldn’t be more excited about things to come! Y’all have a great weekend.