When majority of people hear “New Orleans musician” most times there is an automaticrelation to jazz, church or funk musician.  Although rooted in all of the previous stated genres, Justen Williams is not tied to any.  At the age of ten, Justen sat behind a drum set for the first time, and to the surprise of his parents and everyone else, he played through an entire church service.  From that point on his passion for music developed and grew continuously.  Growing up with a father who was a DJ in the 70’s, Justen was exposed to all types of music from early on, this allowed him to grow and become a student of music by learning what different instruments do and how the individual parts come together to make complete songs.  While attending college Justen was introduced to digital workstations via computer software. From there, creative possibilities became infinite.  Inspired by family and a realization that it’s not just his talent, Justen focuses on humility and growth.  When asking Justen about his talents he states,

“God saw fit to bless me with the ability to create music, there are no pride issues as I will never be able to take credit for something that is much bigger than me.”

 What started as a hobby in a dorm room quickly developed into a passion.  Fueled by creativity and the desire to be an individual in an industry full of carbon copies.  Instead of parties and clubs in college, Justen would spend countless hours perfecting his craft by studying and learning new techniques to make the difference he desired.  Producing gave a voice that could not be overlooked!  With his infectious drum patterns and catchy and fluent piano melodies, he is determined to make sure as many people as possible can hear that sound.